Taking Usenet to the Next Level!

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BinTube Ultimate Usenet Client Software

The NextGen Usenet Downloader with Video and Audio Streaming

BinTube Ultimate is our exclusive Usenet client with NextGen features such as multimedia streaming integrated Usenet Search and much more. A simple click is all it takes to download and stream all kinds of Usenet content including video, audio and images. To make this possible the software automatically handles virtually all file formats, encodings and packing methods currently found on Usenet. For a complete list of features see the table below.

You've tried the rest, now try the best!

BinTube Ultimate features:

Usenet Search
Built-in Usenet Search with the highest search retention in the Usenet industry.
Streaming media
Whether it's Video files, DVD Images, CD Images, Audio, or Images, with BinTube Usenet Reader you can start watching or listening your media downloads vitually as soon as the download starts.
Advanced streaming New
Skip to any section of a video or DVD image before all the preceding parts are downloaded. This works with the internal player, external media players and most uncompressed and unencrypted files.
Progressive streaming New
When you enable progressive streaming the download speed is limited to the bandwidth necessary for the stream.
Image gallery New
View images in thumbnail or gallery modes. BinTube Usenet Reader previews are very fast even when dealing with thousands of images.
Full NZB file support
When you click on an NZB file from a web site or on your local file system, BinTube adds it to the download queue.
NZB Verification
BinTube verifies NZB files before your download starts and warns you about missing segments, so that you don't waste bandwidth downloading incomplete files.
SSL encryption
Provides security and privacy when downloading from Usenet.
Smart repair file downloading
Repair files (Par) are only downloaded if needed.
Smart part prioritization
Binary posts are often composed of thousands of parts. In order to provide un-interrupted media playback while downloading, BinTube automatically re-organizes parts and downloads them in the order they are needed first.
ASCII art rendering
BinTube displays text files containing ASCII art correctly
Automatic folders
Downloads with multiple files are automatically stored in seperate folders based on the subject.
YEnc, UU, Base64 decoding
These are different ways in which messages can be encoded on Usenet.
Rar, Zip, 7z extraction
Automatic and on the fly.
Split file merging
Automatic and on the fly.
Download manager
To manage and prioritize your downloads.
Built-in open search
Allows You to search your favorite Usenet search engines from within BinTube Usenet Reader.
NZB watch/drop folder
Allows You to start downloads by simply copying a plain or Zipped NZB file into the watch folder.
Bandwidth Limiter
Allows you to limit how much of your available internet bandwidth is used for downloading.
Minimize to system tray
Gives you quick access to some important functions.
Adware & spyware free
BinTube Usenet Reader does not contain any kind of adware or spyware.
Supports multiple Usenet servers and third party Usenet providers (fill servers).

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